Selling your property

Thinking of selling your home? Advice on preparing your home for sale.


We have put together some top tips and advice for preparing your home for sale

Selling your property


Declutter, is the first approach to selling a house. We all accumulate so much over the years without even realising. Decluttering involves removing everyday items from your home to make the space appear brighter and larger.

Getting your home to resemble a show home as closely as you can is the key.


 After you’ve decluttered your home, work on having it feel less personalized. You want to achieve the ideal combination of depersonalization and the illusion of a warm, welcome home. This includes removing most framed portraits, posters, and personal objects such as notes on the fridge, toys, etc from the home. Instead of taking down photos, it can be a good idea to replace any frames with soothing, comfortable art or photos of nature.


First impressions are crucial. So, don’t make a terrible impression on a possible buyer with bad odours, dirty floors, dusty furniture/ countertops. Give your home a deep clean, light candles and place some new diffusers around your home.


Nothing turns off a purchaser more so than damaged tiling, cracked glass in window/doors, wiring, and so on. Repairing and tidying these items is highly recommended before viewings commence.


 A new paint job can completely change a space. It is best to keep colours to a basic, neutral tones due to possible preferences varying in potential purchasers.

Lighter colours may help enlarge the rooms of choice such as your creams and whites.


 Your land may attract more purchasers than your house. Include the necessary time to power wash the drive, sweep up leaves, clip the hedges, and cut the lawn.


 You want to show your home in its best light…pardon the pun!

Be sure to have all lights and lamps turned on when showcasing your home to brighten up the place, so adding newer, brighter bulbs may come in handy!


 Think of ways to make your room appear larger and more spacious to viewers and potential buyers. Whether it’s removing items entirely or even moving the furniture around, optimising the space of the room can help the buyer use their own imagination for what they could do with it. When placed correctly, mirrors are great for making rooms appear larger.


Minor design details included while setting the scene give your property a unique feel to buyers. You want people to picture themselves living there.

Try keep décor to a minimum in regard to personal belongings, (family photos, awards, etc…). For example, white bed linen instead of flowery/coloured lined can make a big impact.

Get the lighting you feel is right that makes the room look appealing and that could make a nice first impression.


Considering that you would be working closely with your agent through the selling process, listen to your agent and let them guide you. Remember your agent is acting in your best interest.

They can help with ideas on how to stage and present each room of your home to increase chances of them coming across more attractive and achieving the best possible price for your property. possibly selling for more than its listed.

Tip: Remember the lowest agent fee is not always the best value for money. Having an agent that you can trust from the outset to guide you throughout the process is most important.

If you are thinking of selling , request a complimentary valuation today.