Some of Europe’s most affordable and beautiful cities you HAVE to visit!

One of the best methods to engage with the culture of any nation is to spend some time there. We have put together a list of Europe’s most affordable and beautiful cities.
Despite having a reputation for being a pricey continent to travel on, Europe has a tonne of affordable destinations that can be visited without blowing the budget.
There are, however, unexpected cultural crash courses that may come in to play. For example, you could get yourself flights for as cheap as €10 to some major European cities, but it is the accommodation and food that take the city up a level in terms of price, that you might not have known of.
So here we have noted down some of the cheapest city getaways for the coming year, ranging from a seaside resort to an alpine city covered with snow.

Lisbon, Portugal

Between Ryanair and Aer Lingus, you can fly to Lisbon in the new year for no less than your average Sunday lunch.
Portugal is generally quite affordable, and even though the cost of living in the capital is greater than in other regions of the nation, it is still lower compared to other major European cities.
There are several smart Airbnb’s in Lisbon with attractive price tags if you are looking for a place to stay.
If you know where to go, eating out may be really affordable. A traditional Portuguese lunch accompanied by a glass of wine, a coffee, and a snack afterwards can be had for between €7 and €10.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a vivid palette that depicts the nation’s people, landscape, and culture’s history, current style, and potential.
Some of the most affordable ski resorts in the world are also located in Bulgaria.
The Roman, Greek, and Ottoman influences on this Balkan bastion are visible in Sofia’s architectural style, food, and way of life.
The Vitosha Mountains, which offer exceptional winter conditions for snow enthusiasts and are far less expensive than destinations in France or Italy, are little over 10 kilometres from Sofia.
The price of wine and Bulgarian beer is widely recognized as being minimal, and the lively party environment in downtown Sofia is well-known.

Athens, Greece

You will adore Athens if you are eager for a location rich in culture, delicious food, and history.
The capital of Greece offers more than the traveller could possibly want.
Athens offers reasonably priced dining, and entertainment options, as well as a wide selection of modest, family-run, and boutique hotels at affordable rates. For instance, you can pay approximately €30 per night to rent a hotel room or apartment through Airbnb.
Travel and food complement each other like peanut butter and jelly, and in Athens, finding affordable food is really simple. You may even find the most amazing hybrid cafes and undiscovered local delicacies.

Klagenfurt, Austria

Although Klagenfurt may not compete with Vienna in terms of Austria’s cultural highlights, it is a peaceful and lovely city with stunning natural surroundings, making it a fantastic option if you are looking for a different kind of attraction from the more well-known ones.
In addition to being among the most attractive cities in Austria, Klagenfurt is also one of the most reasonably priced. It is located on the eastern side of Lake Wörthersee.
Before the summer hordes and rabid swimmers arrive, June is the most affordable month to visit.

Brașov, Transylvania, Romania

Brașov is a less expensive option to Bucharest and is encircled by the beautiful Carpathian Mountains.
While local tour company Walkabout provides a complimentary walking tour each morning at 10.30am, departing from the fountain in Piata Sfatului, a cable car ride up Mount Tampa charges just 20 lei, or around €4.06 for panoramic views of the brick-red rooftops.
If you have a particular fondness for cultural authenticity and customs that have been preserved for years, you should visit the old Saxon settlements that are dispersed throughout the county of Brasov.

Kaunas, Lithuania

Of all the places to visit in Lithuania, Vilnius is without a question the most well-liked. Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city, is just as worth visiting as the country’s capital, despite the fact that the latter is a more beautiful location to visit.
The city’s Jewish history is prominently featured in its annual CityTelling Festival, which features a broad array of performances and displays. Most events are free to attend, and four-star hotels start at just €60 per night.
A ride on the funicular up Aleksoto Hill will only set you back a few euros, but it will provide you the greatest panoramas of the Baltic city.

Faro, Portugal

Faro, the provincial capital of Algarve, is a lovely town with a Moorish appearance on Portugal’s southern Atlantic coast. It is the ideal starting point for visiting stunning lagoons, sandy beaches, river pathways, and secret bays.

In September, as it’s warm outside, it is the ideal season for visiting Faro. Although the weather may be dry, on the plus side, accommodation is substantially less expensive. A room in Faro may be had for a mere €60 per night in September. Quite a bit more expensive than you’d have to spend in August.

For many people, Faro serves as the doorway to the Algarve. With 12 million visitors per year, it’s simple to just grab a taxi and leave the city before taking the time to fully explore all that it has to offer.


Albufeira, Portugal

Each traveller to Portugal should include a stop in the Algarve region on their itinerary. Thriving cities and bustling villages can be found amongst spectacular coastlines and pastoral farmland. One of them is Albufeira, a well-liked vacation spot that caters to all tastes.

Although though the seaside village of Albufeira once served as a tranquil fishing community, it is now a bustling tourist magnet. One of the major attractions is Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, often recognized as the Strip, which is in addition to its sandy beaches.

This lively street is filled with outdoor pubs and nightclubs where the fun goes till dawn. Visit Matt’s Bar or Wild & Co. if you’re searching for a bar, or have a blast at the hugely popular Club Heaven, Club Vida, or Libertos Club.

For us, Portugal is certainly the winner. If you’re searching for a long or short term rental in Portugal, don’t hesitate to get in touch. See our list of live Portugal rentals here